How Do You Fix a Dead Piano Key?

How Do You Fix a Dead Piano Key?

Every living and non-living thing has a specific life span. For non-living things, repairing is the only medicine to keep these intact for years. Piana, a melodious musical instrument, is not an exception to this theory. If we search for a piano repairing shop, then we can hardly find one after searching for a city and its surroundings. So knowing the method of Fixing a Dead Piano Key is necessary. Ways to Repair a Piano Key are millions but all those techniques not applicable at the home because of lack of instruments. Here in this article the best and easy way to repair a piano is discussed that you can do at home just by collecting some tools.

Requirements & Repairing Process

Repairing a Broken Piano Key is not a hard job if we can catch the problem. Understanding the problem is key here. A key may be dead in two ways mainly, giving too much pressure on the key or breaking of the connections because of sidewise frictional force. In both cases, the breaking of the piano key takes place. Here are the requirements and process to solve it.


  • Strong Glue
  • Scissor
  • Toothpicks or small thin sticks
  • 2 prices of smooth woods with very low thickness and 2 pieces of smooth woods with a slightly high thickness (thickness that can handle minimum pressure)
  • Clips and Clamps

Repairing Process:

  1. repairing processFirst, see carefully whether the key is fully broken or not. If one side is slightly attached then break it completely to avoid a crack in the final key which may cause problems in the future.
  2. Take a strong glue (carpenter glue is highly recommended because of characteristics) and by using small sticks or toothpicks, make a deeper layer between two pieces.
  3. Now surround the glue over the area of joining. With the help of a scissor, cut the very thin wood two times by measuring the size of the side of the broken key and attach these with glue.
  4. Give some time to dry it up in open air. Within this time cut the thick ones in the same manner as thin ones. Put it on the side in the same manner but without using glue this time. Attach it with clips or clamps.
  5. Put it in the open air for 10 hours at least. Then unpack it and adjust with its proper place in the piano.

This method will help you to fix your dead or broken piano key. Now you can use it again.


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