Why Does My Radio Only Work When I Touch it?

Why Does My Radio Only Work When I Touch it?

Those who have a radio in their house must have faced this situation at least one time in their lives. Have you ever wondered how you are having a better signal radio while touching it? Then the answer is here in this article. Not only that, but I will also tell you the reason behind it along with the effects on our body.

How Radio Works?

Radio is the storage of lots of electronic devices like transistors, capacitors, and so on. The antenna of the radio is also a part of it. Now when signals are coming from any radio station, the antenna accepts it. The antenna is made of metal. The electrons and the metallic fluid in the metal help to send the signal into the circuit. Then the circuit sends it to the speaker and we can hear it. When the antenna is lacking in void spaces and metallic fluid then it makes some hazy noises.

Why It Starts to Work When Touched by a Human Body?

Our human body is also a natural circuit. Our external feelings are passing through our body just like current does. Our nerves do it by taking the help of synaptic cleft and synaptic fluid. Our body is a capacitor, transistor itself. When we touch the antenna then our body becomes a part of the antenna. The body helps to accept the signal and send it to the antenna. That’s how it works.

Is There Any Bad Effect on This?

If you are doubting about affecting the human body on a radio then it’s usual. But there is no need to worry about this. Our body is covered with our epidermis cells. These act as an insulator under a certain limit. But when that limit exceeds then it causes burning our skin that is what happened during high voltage shock. But in the case of radio signals, the signals are nothing compared to our bodies. So, you can be assured that there is no harm to radio signals.
Now there is a little precaution. For radio it never causes harm but that does not mean that any other antenna can harm you by touching it. Sometimes antennas have current flow mechanisms within it. So it would be better for you, not to touch any other antenna other than radio. And if you have to then take proper knowledge and essential precautions.


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