What to Use to Clean Scratched CDs?

What to Use to Clean Scratched CDs?

The CDs scratches are one of the worst things that happen. You can lose any necessary document or your loved memories by just a sole scratch on CD. There are many ways of getting rid of CDs scratches on the internet, some of then are listed below to help you out.

With toothpaste

You can use any toothpaste for fixing a scratched CD, no need for any flavour or sparkle. You should mainly go for any basic white toothpaste to polish the CDs and remove their scratches. The toothpaste has an abrasive mineral, which is helpful for fixing scratched CDs. Though the basic ones are cheap and can help you to polish the CDs several times.

How to clean the CDs

  • clean the CDsApply the toothpaste on the surface of the CD.
  • Use a radial motion to mix the toothpaste on the CD.
  • Rinse the CD thoroughly by warm water and for drying use soft cloth and make sure you clean all the traces of water and toothpaste.

This makes your CDs starches free and clean.

Using the abrasive solution to clean the CDs

There are many household compounds that can be used for cleaning the CDs. The compounds like 3M compound and Brasso are the most common compounds used for cleaning the CDs. You can also use those compounds that are used for cleaning the cars or the hard finish.

While using Brasso for cleaning make sure you are doing it in a ventilated room or place. It has chemicals that can cause irritation in your eyes and face. Make sure that you don’t inhale the fumes. Before using these types of chemicals make sure you read the instructions thoroughly.

Ways to clean scratched CDs

  • Apply the little amount of 3M compound on the cloth.
  • Use a circular motion to apply the compound all over the disc. Make sure the CD is placed on a flat surface.
  • Rinse it with the warm water and make it dry. Then check the CD is working properly.
  • If the problem further continues, then again clean it for 15 minutes.
  • You can also use wax for cleaning the CDs, use vaseline or any household wax. Apply the wax coating on the CD and clean it with wiping a soft cloth in a radial motion.

Many CDs need to be dried and then wiped whereas some are wiped while they are still wet.


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